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Land for sale in Kanchanpur Purnabas Municipality Nepal. Nestled between the picturesque landscapes of Belouri and Dhangadi in western Nepal lies an incredible opportunity for those seeking affordable and abundant land. This 2 bigha 18 dhur parcel of land, located in Kanchanpur Purnabas Municipality, offers an attractive proposition for investors looking to acquire land at a reasonable price. In this article, we will delve into the details of this property, highlighting its potential and value as a real estate investment.


A Prime Location

Strategic Positioning

This land is strategically positioned between Belouri and Dhangadi city, making it an excellent choice for those seeking large quantities of land at an affordable rate. Its proximity to these urban centers opens up a world of possibilities for future use.


Roadside Access

One of the standout features of this property is its direct access to the main road. This not only enhances convenience but also increases the potential for various uses of the land. Whether you envision it as a commercial space or an agricultural venture, this accessibility is a significant advantage.


Versatile Land Use

Agricultural Potential

With 2 bigha 18 dhur at your disposal, you have ample space to explore various agricultural opportunities. The fertile soil in this region makes it suitable for cultivating a wide range of crops. Whether you’re interested in traditional farming or looking to start an orchard, this land can accommodate your vision.


Commercial Prospects

The property’s proximity to the main road opens up possibilities for commercial development. You could consider building a warehouse, storage facility, or even a commercial complex to cater to the growing needs of the region. The potential for long-term financial gains is substantial.


 Investment Value

Affordable Pricing

This land is being offered at an affordable price, making it an attractive option for those on a budget. The value it presents, given its size and location, is a rare find in today’s real estate market.


Future Opportunities

As urbanization continues to expand in western Nepal, the demand for land in strategic locations is on the rise. Investing in this property now could prove to be a wise decision, as its value is likely to appreciate in the coming years.


Seizing the Opportunity

If you’re interested in this remarkable piece of land in Kanchanpur, Nepal, don’t hesitate to contact the owner at 9861771778. This is your chance to secure a substantial piece of land with immense potential for various uses. Whether you’re an aspiring farmer, an astute investor, or someone looking for a strategic piece of real estate, this property could be the answer to your needs.



In conclusion, the 2 bigha 18 dhur land for sale in Kanchanpur, Nepal, presents a unique opportunity for individuals with diverse interests. Its prime location, road access, and versatile land use possibilities make it an appealing investment. Whether you plan to harness its agricultural potential or explore commercial ventures, this property offers a multitude of options. Don’t miss out on this chance to own a piece of Nepal’s burgeoning real estate landscape.



1. Can I visit the property before making a decision?

Yes, you can arrange a visit to the land to assess its suitability for your specific needs.


2. Are there any additional costs associated with the purchase?

It’s advisable to discuss any potential additional costs, such as transfer fees or taxes, with the owner directly.


3. Is financing available for the purchase?

You may need to explore financing options with local banks or financial institutions to facilitate the purchase.


4. What is the land’s current zoning status?

Understanding the zoning regulations for the land can help you determine its potential uses. Check with local authorities for this information.


5. Are there any development plans for the surrounding area?

It’s essential to inquire about any upcoming development projects that could impact the value and use of the land.


  • Country: Nepal
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  • Property ID 6817
  • Price Rs80,000,000
  • Property Type Farm, Land
  • Property status For Sale
  • Label Hot Offer, Sale
  • Area 2 bigha 18 dhur


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