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The era of having to wait in line for hours to pay taxes in Butwal is over !!!

The era of having to wait in line for hours to pay taxes in Butwal is over !!!

In Butwal, you no longer have to go to the office to pay the revenue to the local level. The service recipients will not have to go to the office to pay the revenue after the sub-metropolitan government has made an arrangement to pay the revenue online to end the system of queuing to pay the revenue.

Revenue collection through online system has been started from today through the sub-metropolis and all 19 wards under it. With this service, revenue can now be submitted online from anywhere.

Taxpayers can pay the revenue collected by the municipality including integrated property tax, house restoration tax, other business tax, sanitation service fee, immovable property assessment fee, map pass fee, contract renewal etc. online from anywhere.

Finance Minister of the Government of Nepal Bishnu Prasad Poudel has inaugurated the digital technology launched by the sub-metropolis on Thursday.

Speaking at the inaugural function, Finance Minister Poudel said that Butwal had taken an important step in the Digital City campaign. Poudel said taxpayers would still be encouraged to use technology to replace the traditional way of queuing to pay taxes.

He said that financial literacy should be developed in the community by making the business of digital technology more systematic and reliable. Poudel urged the sub-metropolis to make the economic activities digital and provide easy service flow to the service recipients as Butwal is also a financial center.

On the occasion, Butwal Sub-metropolitan Chief Shivaraj Subedi informed that the sub-metropolis has been developed as a service center by making the service flow more comfortable, quick and reliable.

Subedi said that revenue collection has been started through online system for the convenience of the city dwellers by linking the work of the sub-municipality with timely and information technology.

According to the statistics of the sub-metropolis, the number of title taxpayers in Butwal paying property tax, land tax, business tax and restoration tax is around 86,000. Customers who have to pay all these types of revenue will be the direct beneficiaries of the online system.

The sub-metropolis has claimed that this kind of e-payment system is the first among the municipalities. There are 59,593 taxpayers paying property tax and land tax, 18,126 business tax payers and 7,956 reinstatement tax payers.

Interconnect to the national identity card system

The online system launched by Butwal will also be useful for creating national identity cards. Butwal’s online system is interconnected with the National Identity Card (National ID) distributed by the Prime Minister’s Office.

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